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  • 10.620,00

    Natural pearls. Size 9,7 – 11,2 cm

  • 1.750,00
  • 2.620,00
  • 5.650,00

    Tie necklace with a motif set with round diamonds, in yellow gold, white gold, pink gold and brown PVD

    This necklace can be pretty much anything you like: tie or long necklace, according to what you make of its versatile central motif, half-pendant, half-clasp. The classical version and the one featuring a bright line of white ceramics thread at one’s desires on a flexible, yellow gold chain that leaves you free to wear it as it pleases you.

    12 round diamonds 0,18 carat
    Yellow, white and pink gold 750/1000 10,43 g
    Brown PVD

  • 4.750,00

    Origin: Australia
    Oyster: Pinctada Maxima
    Typology: cultivated
    Weight: ct 19.24
    Pearls: 1
    Diameter: 13.80 mm
    Shape: round
    Surface: no visible blemish
    Colour: white
    Lustre: excellent